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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Google Keyword Tool: For Organic SEO - Negative Impact Agencies {BEWARE!}

Google Keyword Tool: For Organic SEO - Don't Make THAT NEGATIVE ERROR! ... : SEO consultant - Adrian Boro shares: It is with sound knowledge in web development and a perfect mastery of HTML code that web agencies offer you the b...

Friday, December 6, 2013

Next Page Rank Update: December 06 2013

Despite a very clear question asked to Google SEO's most respected evangelist Matt Cutts, there was no update that's was planned this year anymore. [his video down below] The last update was in February of 2013. So who to believe if the most trusted source in the search engine optimisation world, is not able to point you towards the right direction though it be unwillingly.


Page rank is not dead apparently. But Mr. Cutts remains surprised:

Page Rank Update december 6 2013 Matt Cutts is Surprised not WRONG

He may not be aware of the next google page rank update neither. One thing is sure: A page rank still stays but a bragging right sending people on a very weird craze down a rabbit whole. Its like getting a medal for participating and playing by the rules.

A high page rank, does not necessarily reflect that you are a winner, just that you are participating in the SEO game long enough to get noticed. Sure, the same things that affected your pagerank update remains the same: which strong website links to yours, what kind of page rank they have, are they sending you traffic and conversions instead of a high bounce rate, how many of those have you been able to collect in a very transparent, natural and organic way.

But seriously.... a page rank has no direct correlation on your search engine result, so many will not see any boost in traffic or even a loss in traffic because of their personal page rank update.

It seriously become a crazy bragging right that means......not much.
My adsense income has not changed, my traffic either, yet my page rank has increased today (December 6th 2013).

So Mr. Cutts.... When is the next p....ah nevermind ;). Let me focus on good unique content, better and greater content, creating more fresh content more often, and growing my social media communities to drive authentic organic traffic to that content.

I will still follow you sir.

Matt Cutts answers: Why isn't your page rank changing (in October)

Friday, November 1, 2013

What is Your New Seo Strategy After Hummingbird Update?

Hey guys, fellow internet marketers and content creators. After Google came out with a few updates like the Panda and Penguin, a lot of you guys changed their online strategies. For those of you who didn't need to, it means that you already knew what you were doing was right and completely white hat. (btw did any of you get an adsense decrease in their income ? I'd love to hear about it in the comments please)

For some of you, just getting in the game of trying to monetize your content, or be a full time blogger for a company or yourself, you must be wondering if there is any new seo strategy you should be doing after the hummingbird update, and you are not alone. Here is my tip for you. Hummingbird being the biggest update google has done to the core of its algorithm, and still having penguin and panda in effect, it focuses on a more lively, free flowing, conversational type of search engine. So the results, would be more like as if it was the answer, to an assumed question.

So lets say you search for how to clean red wine on a carpet, google will now assume that this mishap has happened to you, so it will (from my understanding) suggest websites that offer local services for carpet cleaning, and in some cases it will jump into the website which has the best answer and solution.

So in your content creation and doing some market research, keep in mind that aiming to strongly including the exact match of: How To Clean Red Wine From a Carpet, may render your efforts futile. Instead focus on the solution and the answer plus propose a local service (hopefully a few, if the business you write for is not one of them).

One thing that still stays the same is, content is king, and fresh content is its master. (yes you can quote me Adrian on that). So if you have no strategy in place to constantly get into the head of your reader, your potential client, and thing like the person researching the kind of content you want them to find: start now!

Start a blog. You may also say: Ok Adrian, I sell metal brackets, how the heck am I suppose to blog about that? Well how about describe the multiple uses people have used your brackets for. How about giving some statistics (awesome to establish yourself as an expert in your field when doing business to business acquisition). The type of stats could be about global sales, percentages of metals used before vs now, how many local business use to operate in your area during a period of years.

Hummingbird is precise and small and fast and fancy... Why not make your content reflect that during your next revision of a proper SEO strategy online. Don't forget to keep using a good keyword tool for help, and keep in mind that you are writing to a person who has a question or a problem, and you must have the answer or solution.

Till next time guys, see ya.
-Adrian. (google now gave me my own custom url at google.com/+AdrianBoro ! )

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Where is the Exact Match option in the new keyword planner?

Well many folks out there are still a little bit lost when it comes to using this new tool. The best advice I can give you is to keep practicing. Here I have provided a screenshot from within the keyword planner to help you find that beloved option ouf ours.

How to Find the Exact Match option in Keyword Planner Screenshot:

exact match in keyword planner - where
exact match in keyword planner - where
  1. As you can see in this image, all you need to do is to first click on the crayon or pencil where the small red arrow points.
  2. Then check mark the "Exact Match" option where the second and bigger arrow shows, right above the phrase match.
Review: Its as simple as that. Personally, (I know its weird..) I almost dont see a big difference in the "Broad Match" vs the "Exact Match" like we use to have in the legacy google keyword tool previously.

I remember doing some research and an exact match giving me 390 monthly searches, could render sometimes even 12000 broad monthly searches. Nowadays with the planner, it seems like the numbers are way way to close to each other. I have no idea if it is just me, or is it a bug, or it is calculated differently.

How about you? Do you see the exact match option as a useful one when planning your advertising campaigns or your strategic content creation?

Monday, August 12, 2013

Free Keyword Tools

OK soon, not yet, I will start posting the software and methods I currently attempt to use for strategic planning. Most free keyword tools that have a trial available or are completely available will be listed here.

Now in the 101 of sharing ideas and content, experts say not to announce something before its done, specially, when it comes to promising a post. Well, from my personal experience as a keyword planner for websites and clients, listening 100% to "seo experts" gets you either in trouble with google, (use wordpress, hide your affiliate links, don't use blogger, download this e-book for 169$ to be on your way to starting your own personal passive income business online) and doesn't live up to expectations.

Where to Get Free Keyword Tools, Alternatives, Books, Strategies etc.

Recently I have been putting together a resource page for everyone to know where to get free keyword tools, strategies, book, and stuff they can buy also to make them/you better at what you do. Most of them I have used in the past or am using now, that makes my passive income efforts, my article marketing or SEO consultation much faster and easier. Surely, you will want to save that page and bookmark it, as it will be my best gathering of "tools of the trade".

So being unique and original, and not afraid to try new ways and experiment, with an honest and good intention is a learning process that money cannot buy.

Most will say that you need to invest in software, or a revolutionary secret method written in an e-book to start making money. As for myself, I stuck to following what Matt Cutts says, and what he doesn't say, plus knowing how to read between the lines, and applying it on my free blogger blogspot website...err blog, and making some decent income. To each their own free keyword tool or method I guess...

So a list with individual articles is to come. Till then, whats a decent daily revenue for you ? Do you have any tips or suggestions I should know about?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Affordable Search Engine Optimization: Alternative Keyword Tool

Now If you have been following a little bit, about what I am about and what I do, you will notice that I am always trying to put together a google approved free keyword tool list here, way, and technique to help my clients achieve better page ranking results.

All I do, as a strategist or project manager, consists of researching topics, phrases and subjects that website owners should aim for with their articles and online content in descriptions, to get the best type of ROI (return on investment, of their money and also time). Just like all search engines, I also make sure that the content is unique, since content is king, but also as relevant as possible.

My clients, most of the time, aim for keywords they should not, because their targeted audience does not look for those words or those subjects. It is my job to redirect them on a path that is the perfect combination of the informational demand and supply online. So far, I have always been using the external Google Keyword Tool. Now since the keyword planner is coming out soon, it dramatically changes my work process.

It is not easy to find suggested keywords per relevance, per competition, per local searches, broad, phrase or exact match. Also many have complained also about the fact that it is hard to find long tail suggestions. (Long tail keywords being example: Affordable Search Engine Optimization Pricing vs Search engine optimization.)

Now, I may be wrong but, I am now looking to change my way of doing research for blogs and websites with a free alternative keyword tool. Am I the only one?

Here are a few of the free alternatives I am currently looking at, and would love your opinion about which do the job, since I'm trying to keep my SEO services affordable, which give accurate data.

(Disclaimer: If you choose to use one of these tools like I did, I am very thankful for you visiting these sites thru the sources I provide, I do get compensation from these companies as can you afterwards, Thank you !):

  • Ultimate Niche Finder
  • Long Tail Pro (this is the alternative I currently recommend and use)
  • Term Explorer
  • Market Samurai
  • Keyword Researcher
  • Semrush
  • SECockpit
  • NicheCracker
  • Traffic Travis
  • WordStream
I may have missed some from my list, so I encourage you to leave me a comment with your suggestions. I probably will be forced to review those tools one by one, and maybe post my opinions ans results here. This may be the end of one of those eras:"Remember back in 2013 when keyword research was easy, then google changed it all?"

So, am I the only one looking for an affordable alternative? Anyways, just my few thoughts and rants.