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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Using the free google suggest tool anyone? or sktool? seo optimization free tips

As someone building strategies for content creation on a website, figuring out demand and supply online, the more you get knowledge, and know how to Analise it and implement it, the better.

In the past, Google Search-based Keyword Tool was a keyword research tool intended primarily for users of Google AdWords, which is useful also for the strategies of keywords in SEO, in addition to Google Insights for Search or Google Trends.

Search-based Keyword Tool and seo optimization free tips

Unlike other keywords suggestion tools, it is not based on the keywords but on the sites. Indeed, this tool provides suggestions for keywords associated with a site in particular, which are not necessarily identical to those provided for another site, even if it is the same theme.

Google provides 2 lists of suggestions:
-expressions associated with the site that you specified
-more general expressions

For each keyword suggestion, Google says:
-the monthly average volume of searches on Google sites
-an indicator of competition between AdWords advertisers
-a suggestion from auction for a Announces AdWords targeting this keyword
-the frequency with which your ad was displayed for this keyword.

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