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Friday, June 7, 2013

Keyword Suggestion Tool

HOW does a Keyword Suggestion Tool Work?

A Keyword Tool one of the most standard online software for most website developers when doing research. When you are an author of a site, these are things you need to know. It is quickly becoming the internet world standard for most webmaster research to unable programmers or bloggers. These is knowledge you need to have to be able to test search words that could be in use for their future articles or unique content and also to find new keyword suggestions for trending or long tail research.

There are many sources and definitions you can find about the general meaning here at wikipedia.

You must learn:
  • Keyword Density
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Generator
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Keyword Search Tool
The density inside the unique content you will write is very important. Make sure that when you read your text out loud it sounds natural. It has to be a natural dialogue so that search engines that have strong algorithms just like google, will be able to pick up on the natural flow of the way you write. You would not repeat the same word twice in a row normally, nor in the same or consecutive sentence. So a good rule of thumb is that. But you can also, in longer texts then say, my opinion: of 300 words, keep it under 0.5%, of about 500 words, keep it just under 1%, in a 1000 words you can keep it below 1,5% to 2%. This is a bit aggressive so also make sure that you break that rule more often then not, by being below that percentage.

There is no perfect amount of density you should use that is going to be a secret formula or algorithm. Long are gone the days where you could repeat a word 48 times in a 322 word paragraph and copy paste that page 578 times with a few tweaks here and there all linking to your main page to manipulate the results. If there is anything you can learn from Matt Cutts, is that the people want more authentic results, so do the search engines. But recently, some of us are looking for an alternative keyword tool due to these changes. Stay tuned.

The thing that I really can not stress enough is, the more your content is mathematically calculated, the less natural it will be, so if there is any suggestion I can make to anyone trying to figure these things out is not to worry about it, it takes time to gain someones trust, and a second to lose it, just like with the search engines.

So your results will greatly depend on the knowledge you express in your unique content, the information you choose to share on sites that will gladly link to your main website, and the attention and importance your topic awakes at a given time called a trend.

Keep these things in mind when doing your own research, or when using a search tool or generator to do your analysis and research. In the meanwhile I will be on the look out for the next best thing, the up and coming articles about the alternative free keyword tool I can use to proceed giving educated advice to my clients.

The point is not to use programs, software, but to write like speaking to a person that you want to inform.