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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Who likes this new keyword tool?

Google has created a new tool for AdWords advertisers to assist them in preparing their campaigns. This keyword (Keyword Planner) planning tool will replace the 2 tools Keyword (keywords generator) Tool and Traffic Estimator (estimation of the traffic). Bad news: Keyword Planner will be reserved for AdWords customers...
Impact on the work of the search engine optimization (SEO)

If until now you often use keywords in AdWords generator to work your SEO (to get keywords ideas), you are directly affected by this announcement. Indeed, this keyword research tool will disappear by late July 2013! Certainly, the functionality will be always available in AdWords Keyword Planner, but this new tool is reserved for AdWords customers. In other words, it will not be available as "external" as it was the generator of keywords. For the moment, I do not know if Google has planned to restrict access to those who have an AdWords account or to those who have AdWords campaigns valid...
AdWords Keyword Planner

Switchboard of the planning of keywords in AdWords tool
The AdWords of keywords planning tool

The tool works as follows:

First you do searches by keywords (as before with the keywords generation tool)
in the proposed results, you will also have suggestions for ad groups (to arrange)
then you add the selected keywords and ad groups to a plan. Add to a plan, it's like add products to a shopping cart. Then, you can add them to a current AdWords campaign or create a new campaign for the occasion.
Finally, the tool is simulations to assess traffic - and the total cost.

You can find this tool on adwords.google.com/keywordplanner (nevertheless all AdWords accounts have not already access... If you can't remember, try amending your preferences to set language: English and country: USA).
AdWords Keyword Planner search for keywords

Topic search for keywords in AdWords scheduling tool

Source of information: official blog Google AdWords

Note: the remainder of this presentation comes from Google.
Benefits of the planning of the keywords tool

Here are some tips that will help you create effective campaigns using keywords on the search network planning tool:

Create ad groups: see keywords ideas grouped by themes and lose more time to manually group related keywords in different ad groups.
Identify negative keywords: you may encounter keywords unrelated to your business while you are looking for ideas. You can add these keywords to your ad group in the form of key words to be excluded in order to prevent the distribution of your ad when users launch searches on these terms.
Find keywords and ad groups related to the content of your site: enter the URL of the Web site of your company or any site with direct relevance to your business. After analysis of the pages by our system, results will include ideas relevant ad groups and keywords.
Customize the results: filter your ideas according to historical statistics such as the average number of monthly searches for each idea, or restrict the selection presented to not see that ideas that specifically contain the words you have chosen.
Obtain estimates of performance: use estimates of performance to familiarize yourself with the potential performance of your keywords or ad groups. You can see estimates of clicks, impressions, average position, at the cost, the clickthrough rate (CTR) and cost per average click (AVG. CPC).
Identify your bidding and budget ideas: get performance for a range of cost-per-click (CPC) maximum bids and estimates of daily budgets. These estimates will be useful later to take informed decisions about the amount of bids and budgets.

Keyword planning tool provides ideas and valuable performance estimates, but it is important to keep in mind that the performance of a campaign depends on many factors. For example, the auction, budget, the product concerned and the behavior of customers in your sector of activity can have an impact on the effectiveness of your campaigns.
Possibilities for the planning of the keywords tool
Search for keyword and ad groups ideas.

When search ideas: If you want to find new ideas of groups of ads and keywords for your campaigns in the search network. This feature can allow you to find groups of ads or keywords that you had not thought.

More information: use the search feature to get the ideas of key words and groups of ads from terms that describe your business or product. You can also see estimates of performance for your keywords and your ad groups, helping you to remember ideas rather than others for your new or existing campaign.
To obtain estimates, enter or transfer key words.

When enter or import keywords: If you have a list of key words to use in your campaign on the network, but you want to, first, get an idea of the potential of these key words.

More information: use input and import of key words to get estimates of performance for a list of key words that you have pre-selected for your campaign. You will discover what performance you can expect to get with these key words based on the bid and budget you choose and different place, language and network-related settings.
Multiply the keyword lists to obtain estimates

When multiply keyword lists: If you have multiple keyword lists to multiply and automatically combine to create a new set of keywords for which to get estimates of performance. Thus, you lose no time to manually combine key words.

More information: use the multiplication function if you have multiple lists of keywords to multiply to get all possible combinations from these lists. Then, you can get estimates of the performance of these combinations of key words. You will discover what performance you can expect to get with these key words based on the bid and budget you choose and different place, language and network-related settings.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

To get keyword ideas, try the new Keyword Planner

So it is now official. Since a few days some of us have seen the message when trying to do our research:"Keyword Tool will no longer be available in the next few months. To get keyword ideas, try the new Keyword Planner, which makes keyword research even easier."

What does this mean for most of us? Well I love to follow Matt Cutts advice and blog, and I try to develop my instincts and intuition as a internet marketer, by reading between the lines. Most will agree that any unnatural, or active link building or SEO (search engine optimisation), to manipulate or influence google's (or other search engines) results page (SERP) is cheating, or "blackhat".

But if you are like me, and read between the lines:"To get keyword ideas..." is encouraged by google itself.
Check the screenshot I took:

keyword planner tool by google

So maybe unlike others, I love to gather as much information and messages that the expert bloggers send out. We all know we cannot and will not ever know the formulas, codes and algorithms to be on page 1, and thats GREAT! Because I still remember being a kid and looking for hot wheels or disney movies with my friends and instead learning about the human body... things that made not only the computer super slow, but banning kids from the public library. Just like us, internet marketing consultants who take our jobs seriously, search engines try to keep the world wide web a relevant place to find things.

But as keyword tools are provided by those same companies, one can only think how much relevant research is too much, but can no longer think that that knowledge is prohibited or taboo.

Well that's my 2 cents (funny how this 2 cents expression is so 2012...since pennies in canada are slowly going to be removed from circulation). Will you use this keyword tool, or do you have other suggestions ? Let me know please.