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Monday, August 12, 2013

Free Keyword Tools

OK soon, not yet, I will start posting the software and methods I currently attempt to use for strategic planning. Most free keyword tools that have a trial available or are completely available will be listed here.

Now in the 101 of sharing ideas and content, experts say not to announce something before its done, specially, when it comes to promising a post. Well, from my personal experience as a keyword planner for websites and clients, listening 100% to "seo experts" gets you either in trouble with google, (use wordpress, hide your affiliate links, don't use blogger, download this e-book for 169$ to be on your way to starting your own personal passive income business online) and doesn't live up to expectations.

Where to Get Free Keyword Tools, Alternatives, Books, Strategies, seo optimization free etc.

Recently I have been putting together a resource page for everyone to know where to get free keyword tools, strategies, book, and stuff they can buy also to make them/you better at what you do. Most of them I have used in the past or am using now, that makes my passive income efforts, my article marketing or SEO consultation much faster and easier. Surely, you will want to save that page and bookmark it, as it will be my best gathering of "tools of the trade". Though it be semrush or other software out there.

So being unique and original, and not afraid to try new ways and experiment, with an honest and good intention is a learning process that money cannot buy.

Most will say that you need to invest in software, or a revolutionary secret method written in an e-book to start making money. As for myself, I stuck to following what Matt Cutts says, and what he doesn't say, plus knowing how to read between the lines, and applying it on my free blogger blogspot website...err blog, and making some decent income. To each their own free keyword tool or method I guess...

That is seo optimization free. So a list with individual articles is to come. Till then, whats a decent daily revenue for you ? Do you have any tips or suggestions I should know about?


  1. I just want to know, Is Google keyword tool is no longer available for free use. We just used to do it before.

    Please help


  2. From what I understand, if it is the same from every user, we all must use the planner tool vs the keyword tool.

  3. Replies
    1. You can see the RESSOURCE page to see what I recommend and or use at the moment.

  4. Why Google Remove the keyword tool ... it will appear again or not ??? Is there any other tool Use instead of keyword tool Please Help Bro

  5. you can use the keyword planner which is free, or you can try what I am trying now: http://www.googlekeywordplanner.com/p/ressources.html also for free.

    Most probably, the adwords keyword tool will not come back.. If it does, it may be because there are more people like you who ask for it.

    Good luck! (we are all in the same boat)

  6. Hello Mr. Boro. I just wanted to say that I enjoyed this blog post. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    Moreover, I look forward to the blog posts about the software and methods you currently attempt to use for strategic planning. I also look forward to reading more of your blog posts.

    I am currently finishing up my blog site. Once I'm all settled, I'll try to connect with you - if that's okay - so we can exchange ideas through our blogs. That way we can share new perspectives with our audience.

    My website should be running sometime in late January 2014 or Early February. The domain name is www.thestorian.com.

    Good blog post by the way.

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