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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

the keyword research remains key point

The keyword research remains the key point for the success of a niche site. Find the perfect keyword is not easy thing knowing that you will not be able to determine its quality as long as it is not tested.

Nevertheless using all my tips and tricks to the letter, you will be able to avoid a period of loss of time and errors, which made me mess up much money. Many factors come into account with respect to the success of a website, and I'll provide you with the tools and parameters necessary to maximize your chances. In this article, we will see three crucial points of searching for keywords. I will then provide an example of a keyword for to make you it clear the mechanism and parameters for the conquest of winning keywords.

Now what you have to take into consideration is, I change the words and numbers so that you do not make the same researches as I do. So most of what you will read is what I found, for different words, but gave an example for, say, educational purposes.

The use of essential software to obtain a good keyword will be an entire article.

The three parameters of the perfect keyword

(1) A significant number of research

We can expect, a buzz led to a significant search for certain terms on the engines. A change of Pope will result in a staggering number of motion around his Holiness, and sites being referenced on its keywords will see their attendance explode.

Trends are more structural than a buzz events. They also cause an increase in research on keywords related to this novelty. Take the example of Tablet PCs emerged in recent years. The awesome tool from Google: Google Trend can provide you with the evolution of this trend:

The peaks represent the periods of Christmas, for the purchase of such equipment.

As part of a niche site, interesting keywords must not come from a buzz or a start of trend uncertain but rather a topic that will survive more than a year.

Some software like Google Adwords or Market Samurai are capable of determining the number of searches for a specific keyword for a day or a month. Thanks to the number of requests for a given keyword, we are in the ability to determine the likely attendance of our internet site.

The debate is raging about the statistics that I am going to provide you. Be aware that the give you to make you an idea, I can not myself confirm these figures in an empirical way:

A site in the first position in Google results can expect to get about 30% of the traffic. 10% of Internet users looking for this same keyword are likely to go on the second site. Attendance falls then skyrocketed for the following places. These poor figures due to a high number of Internet users clicking on the ads at the top and right and not on the site in the first position.

Concerning your future niches sites, exact searches per month minimum I recommend for the construction of a niche is 1000 requests. It will allow you to get an average of 300 visits per month on the targeted keyword. Get more visits with these words and expressions in the articles that you post on your niche sites. We'll talk about when the time comes.

Some of my sites are built around phrases and keywords still most wanted. In theory, more you get targeted traffic and more you will earn money, but still need to be able to reference or position your sites in an optimal way.

(2) An opportunity of SEO

Be able to determine if there is an opportunity to put this site in the top results of Google can be complicated. This subject is worthy of an entire article. Luckily for you, I've listed the 8 essential check points. Although short and synthesized, all the information are present. You will retain these points by practicing yourself exercise with the keyword tools and other tools that I will present to you on soon. Don't worry, it's simpler than it seems.

Links : Backlinks

Despite constant changes in the algorithm of the Google search engine, the links remain a decisive element in the ability of a site to be referenced, and so to place themselves in the top results on a given keyword or phrase.

A substantial number of links pointing to the domain of your competitors will make you understand that it will be difficult to place your site higher then theirs. In General, you the more links pointing to your domain name, better your rankings will be. If you intend to place your site in the first position, I recommend that you do not start if your competitor has more than 15 links. If the figure of 0 link turns out to be linked to their fields, it is a good start, but there are other points to check!


Titles are extremely important in the field of SEO. You need to write or make writing scripts, containing the targeted keyword in the title of the article. Imagine you build a site around the term "plant strawberries. The title of your main article may be: "5 techniques for planting strawberries. A good thing will consist in the fact that your competitors do not have the keyword in the title of their article or page.

Site specialized on the subject

If you strive to set up a site on the term "plant strawberries", you must ensure that your direct competitors are not specialists in the planting of strawberries! Indeed, it is difficult to pass a specialized site, especially if it is large. When the first results of the search engine linked to merchant sites with no article on the subject, it is often a good thing because you can more easily put your site.

Free domain name

Owning a domain name including the exact term you are targeting was a good thing six months ago. A change in Google's algorithm has made it less effective. Domain name: http://www.planterdesfraises.com is no longer mandatory, but a competitor having a domain name comprising the term you are targeting is going to be difficult to beat, because also works it the same expression. Opportunities on the net never fail, do not embark on a battle of SEO, you will lose time and money.

Age of the domains / Pagerank

The age of a domain, that is to say, the number of years of life since its inception date is a significant point. Google appreciate sites that have existed for many years, this is a sign for him that the site is of good quality. You'll have more ease to place you in front of that ancient recent sites.

The Pagerank was a tool to measure the interest of Google for a site. It is more really updated for a year, but a site with a Pagerank of 3, 4 or 5 targeting the same expression that you will be very difficult to surpass!

Text size

I often look at the size of the text on the page of my competitors. I recommend writing an article of at least 1000 words to the main page of the niche site. It is interesting to see that products from your competitors don't count only 200 or 500 words. Have an article of greater size and best quality remains an undeniable advantage in the race to SEO. You remember that Google loves quality content, and this is a point on which you should focus your efforts.

(3) A high cost per clic

The cost per click parameter must be studied carefully. It represents the sum quegoogle cpc can hope to touch for a click. Keyword research software provide us data representative money offered by advertisers. Do not forget that Google takes its share, or approximately 30%. Note also that the data are often in dollars.

A keyword or phrase announced with a CPC of at least 1 dollar is be a good opportunity for an end to 1000 exact searches per month. More the term turns out be looking, least you be demanding. Indeed, with 8000 queries per month terms a CPC of $ 0.80 remains correct. Care however not to pass below 0.50 dollars.

If I can give you a valuable advice, it's not absolutely search keywords the better paid by advertisers. I mean there all the words and expressions that can earn you a significant sum for a click. I started in the creation of niche on finance and insurance sites thinking of get rich quick. The CPC was often greater than two euros; but the concern is that your site will be impossible to reference on this kind of terms. Thinking about it, how to beat the major insurance companies that put hundreds of thousands of euros per year to be in a good position on the search engines? This is not possible, then be not blinded by greed and think well that choosing a keyword depends more of a factor.

A last parameter important: the AWC

This data will be not present in all software, but it provides a ratio on the number of advertisers offering money on a keyword. This number must be greater than 60%. Without software, just type the term into Google and look if there are ads at the top and on the sides. A large number of advertisements guarantees a battle between advertisers and therefore a higher CPC!

An example of interesting keyword

I strive to make my clearest possible articles. Personally, I understand better the theory when it is accompanied by an example. So here is a possibility of creating niche with the keyword: mouthwash

I would not advise you to create a top site, because if other readers have the same idea, you will fight for nothing. I did not assure success and gain money on this term, it's just for the example.

Keyword research tool provided me with the following data:


-exact searches per month: 2400

-CPC: €2.60

-AWC: 88 %

-Competition: less than 15 links for the first three results, however many sites have title of article comprising the term targeted. Some of the first sites are older and with a high Pagerank, but little or not related to the target.

-Domain names containing the target words are available.

This keyword is not perfect, but tentable, because 2400 exact searches per month remain a good figure and especially offered CPC is be very interesting.

For the sake of diversification, you need to build both sites with 1000 exact searches per month than 8000. Indeed, even if you can fall on easy-to-reference keywords, the more research is important, hardest will be referencing. Bet only on greater than 5000 requests keywords returned to run at your loss.

I provided in this article the theory allowing you to understand the search for a suitable for the creation of niche keyword. Envy must not miss you look for your first opportunities. My next article in the category of networks of sites will be devoted to keyword research tools. I will explain to you in retail and video how to use these essential software.You can start looking for your nuggets!

Although I try to be the most comprehensive possible, you may have questions. Post your comments and ideas below, I answer more quickly.


  1. Adrian, I have two questions if you have a second. When you mention competing with the top ranked sites already.

    1.Is the amount of results returned for your keyword a big deciding factor as well? Or just the Rank and back links of the 1st page results?

    2. When doing a Google search for a domain name idea(also keyword)returns top dictionary and thesaurus pages that rank high, will they be hard to compete against for the top places?

  2. Hi David, bare with me :)

    1.The amount of results may be a deciding factor, it depends if the top 10 search engine results have high pageranks (above pr 3) or not.

    If the pr of the results is high, but there is less then 50 000 pages competing for the "EXACT MATCH" (writing your key word or phrase with quotes "like so" in google search), then I go for emphasizing genuine content creation around that phrase.

    If the pr is low for these SERP (search engine result page) then I don't mind that there is above 400 000 pages competing for it.

    To most, this makes no sense, because they are trying to rank number 1 on page one and monetize a site. To my clients who have no idea who their customers/readers are, but should have a good idea, genuine unique content creation with a key phrase as a guideline in mind, and measurable proof of concept, even numbers to aim for, it is very helpful.

    Backlinks not being the only deciding factor for a pagerank. Pagerank not only being the deciding factor for my strategy for content creation.

    2.Returning results being wikipedia, thesarus or a dictionary is going to be, in my opinion, hard to rank 1st, but not always too hard to rank on top 2 pages in search engine results.

    Listening to Matt Cutts, and sometimes what he doesn't say (reading between the lines): a dictionary online, has gained google`s trust to DEFINE what a word means.

    You trying to compete for a definition, will have to gain a lot of google`s trust. And you WILL be verified most probably in a manual manner at some point of your sites existance if you get much traffic. Just to check if you are not trying to RE-define the definition and fundamental meaning of the word or phrase.

    Don`t forget, the dictionary site, probably gets backlinks from school sites, maybe government sites, hence, heavy weight players in the field that compete for a good position for that word.

    My advice is: if the other sites ranking for that word have poor content, and poor PR, then you can get a huge chunk of the pie being in position 3 and even 10. Make sure your content captures the attention of your targeted reader by delivering maybe interactive content, unique images and how-to's, examples, tutorials, or dramatic stories, tips and tricks etc. Then aim to build strong relationships with sites who link out to the dictionary, and offer them free articles as a guest blogger, with a link to your site in an authors description.

    Maybe google employees won't like what I will say now. But if you succeed to convince, with a offline, untraceable incentive, for the exact link on their site to STOP linking to the definition, and start linking to you... You will be on your way to strongly compete for the first position.

    If you try to misguide your readers, google`s algorithms, or workers, WILL penalize you one day or another.

    Good luck, stay in touch !

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