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Friday, November 1, 2013

What is Your New Seo Strategy After Hummingbird Update?

Hey guys, fellow internet marketers and content creators. After Google came out with a few updates like the Panda and Penguin, a lot of you guys changed their online strategies. For those of you who didn't need to, it means that you already knew what you were doing was right and completely white hat. (btw did any of you get an adsense decrease in their income ? I'd love to hear about it in the comments please)

For some of you, just getting in the game of trying to monetize your content, or be a full time blogger for a company or yourself, you must be wondering if there is any new seo strategy you should be doing after the hummingbird update, and you are not alone. Here is my tip for you. Hummingbird being the biggest update google has done to the core of its algorithm, and still having penguin and panda in effect, it focuses on a more lively, free flowing, conversational type of search engine. So the results, would be more like as if it was the answer, to an assumed question.

So lets say you search for how to clean red wine on a carpet, google will now assume that this mishap has happened to you, so it will (from my understanding) suggest websites that offer local services for carpet cleaning, and in some cases it will jump into the website which has the best answer and solution.

So in your content creation and doing some market research, keep in mind that aiming to strongly including the exact match of: How To Clean Red Wine From a Carpet, may render your efforts futile. Instead focus on the solution and the answer plus propose a local service (hopefully a few, if the business you write for is not one of them).

One thing that still stays the same is, content is king, and fresh content is its master. (yes you can quote me Adrian on that). So if you have no strategy in place to constantly get into the head of your reader, your potential client, and thing like the person researching the kind of content you want them to find: start now!

Start a blog. You may also say: Ok Adrian, I sell metal brackets, how the heck am I suppose to blog about that? Well how about describe the multiple uses people have used your brackets for. How about giving some statistics (awesome to establish yourself as an expert in your field when doing business to business acquisition). The type of stats could be about global sales, percentages of metals used before vs now, how many local business use to operate in your area during a period of years.

Hummingbird is precise and small and fast and fancy... Why not make your content reflect that during your next revision of a proper SEO strategy online. Don't forget to keep using a good keyword tool for help, and keep in mind that you are writing to a person who has a question or a problem, and you must have the answer or solution.

Till next time guys, see ya.
-Adrian. (google now gave me my own custom url at google.com/+AdrianBoro ! )