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Friday, December 6, 2013

Next Page Rank Update: December 06 2013

Despite a very clear question asked to Google SEO's most respected evangelist Matt Cutts, there was no update that's was planned this year anymore. [his video down below] The last update was in February of 2013. So who to believe if the most trusted source in the search engine optimisation world, is not able to point you towards the right direction though it be unwillingly.


Page rank is not dead apparently. But Mr. Cutts remains surprised:

Page Rank Update december 6 2013 Matt Cutts is Surprised not WRONG

He may not be aware of the next google page rank update neither. One thing is sure: A page rank still stays but a bragging right sending people on a very weird craze down a rabbit whole. Its like getting a medal for participating and playing by the rules.

A high page rank, does not necessarily reflect that you are a winner, just that you are participating in the SEO game long enough to get noticed. Sure, the same things that affected your pagerank update remains the same: which strong website links to yours, what kind of page rank they have, are they sending you traffic and conversions instead of a high bounce rate, how many of those have you been able to collect in a very transparent, natural and organic way.

But seriously.... a page rank has no direct correlation on your search engine result, so many will not see any boost in traffic or even a loss in traffic because of their personal page rank update.

It seriously become a crazy bragging right that means......not much.
My adsense income has not changed, my traffic either, yet my page rank has increased today (December 6th 2013).

So Mr. Cutts.... When is the next p....ah nevermind ;). Let me focus on good unique content, better and greater content, creating more fresh content more often, and growing my social media communities to drive authentic organic traffic to that content.

I will still follow you sir.

Matt Cutts answers: Why isn't your page rank changing (in October)


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