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Sunday, May 24, 2015

3 Shocking Reasons Why All Google Sniper 2.0 and 3.0 Reviews Are Scams

Sniper 3.0 Review - The Bullet Proof Manual:

Google Sniper 3.0 ultimate opinions, experience and criticism.

You will find in this section all the information you need on Google Sniper 3.0, more comprehensive than a mere opinion and it would correspond more to a particular analysis of this affiliate marketing learning opportunity. Get ready for a long reading and a great surprise at the end for those interested in Google Sniper.

What is Google Sniper 3.0?

Google Sniper 3.0 is a method created by George Brown, whose objective is to learn affiliate marketing. The workouts are in PDF format and video and are all available for download in order to spare you a daily connection to your space Member present on the official website.

Version 3.0 launched in December 2014 but Google Sniper has existed since 2009 and has generated more than $ 10 million of sales thanks to an extensive network of affiliates distributes throughout the world, they are more than 350.

You will therefore learn the techniques used by George Brown and create an army of sites sniper with little content but enough to get a good ranking on search engines, hitting little, hitting just and especially hit hard!

Google Sniper 3.0 price: $ 47 per month, you can terminate your subscription at any time.

The contents of Google Sniper 3.0.

Now do a little walk inside the Member area.

Member Google Sniper is very well designed and easy navigation, access to the desired training does indeed as 2 clicks.

Google sniper 3

The Google Sniper 3.0 pdf download

It consists of 5 modules that I'll detail without going through the Welcome which is a welcome video:

1 - The official PDF of Google Sniper 3.0.

It includes a hundred pages divided into several chapters:

Chapter 1: How to find a profitable opportunity in the market.
Chapter 2: Build your foundations, the first steps towards the creation of your sniper site.
Chapter 3: The secrets for conversions by 20% rates, how to create your story and write your content.
Chapter 4: Configure your site to dominate Google.
Chapter 5: How to place your affiliate links to maximize your conversions.
Chapter 6: Create your sniper step by step.
Chapter 7: Well positioned on google and gain authority in record time.
Chapter 8: How to get to $10 000 per month with your sniper sites.

It is of paramount importance to read the first PDF before attacking the following drives.

Once this is done, you will download the Sniper Process Map that includes the plan for creating your sniper sites as graphs very useful to guide you to the various stages of design.
2 - 7 videos for you perfect.

These videos are a real implementation of the content of the official PDF Google Sniper, George Brown performs before your eyes what it teaches you in his book.

Video 1: How to choose your niche marketing and find a product that sells well.
Video 2: Find the key words that match the criteria of your sniper site.
Video 3: Creating the foundations of your sniper site.
Video 4: Secrets to have a conversion rate of 20%, how to earn even more money with the pre-sale.
Video 5: How cloacker your affiliate links.
Video 6: Setting up your site, the technical side.
Video 7: How well positioned on google and gain authority in record time.

You for over 7 hours, it is very precise and particularly understandable even to someone with no understanding of English3 Google Sniper 3.0: Bullet Proof Module.

At this stage of training, your first site sniper is already created and indexed on google. The Bullet proof is a 60-page PDF that will teach you how you develop to get more traffic to your site, turn it slowly into authority, improve its SEO and earn a lot more money with.

George Brown knows what he's talking about and earn money with affiliate marketing has no more secrets for him.

Once completed this training you pass to the...
4 module Google Sniper Empire.

This module is necessary since you will learn how to manage your business online as a true entrepreneur. It includes 5 videos explaining how to find unlimited external content sources to expand your empire and another video giving you ideas to reach more than 100 000 dollars of monthly income.

Google sniper 3
5 - Additional Google Sniper training.

Includes 10 videos for develop you even more, you understand now that Google Sniper give you the opportunity to become a true professional of affiliate marketing.

The videos...

Video 1: Sell, tips to maximize your conversions.
Video 2: Errors encountered during the creation of sites sniper and how correct.
Video 3: The easiest way to improve your SEO.
Video 4: A video called where a SEO expert reveals his techniques.
Video 5: How boost your traffic with social networks.
Video 6: What clickbank products are selling best.
Video 7: Introduction to the CPA.
Video 8: How find a CPA offer and promote them.
Video 9: Webinar, how to find endless sources of key words.
Video 10: Sites sniper case study.

You have now finished with the Google Sniper training... Basic...
Google Sniper training X.

The Google Sniper X section is divided into two parts:

Video part regularly updated including new drives as the new techniques of SEO or marketing. It currently includes not less than 22 videos of training!
Coaching Webinar part includes all replays of the Google Sniper live workouts that take place once all the two weeks. It includes 9 webinars with a mean duration of 1 h 30, the last dating back to February 12, 2015.

Now tell me if these reasons are good enough for you to actually buy this tool? What if he comes up with a new sniper 4.0 version?