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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Free step by step affiliate marketing training for beginners

You are so lucky that somehow... you found what will change your life forever.
("Oh boy..here we go again."- You must be rolling your eyes...)

We will see.

Let me start off with the last step in everyone's guide. In almost each e-book that you buy with your hard earned cash, you will finally get to the most important and most under explained stage in anything you ever do in your online adventrues. Let me shed some light on it:

Daily/Hourly Result Producing Tasks, Actions... Moves!

Each and every day, each and every hour you are awake and sitting at your computer, you have to be doing some of these tasks:
  • Creating valuable content for your target consumer about your product, or your service, or about your brand. Taking into consideration their lack of confidence in any given aspect of what you want them to do.
  • Building new relationships in your field, building new profiles on forums, in most important social media platforms where your target consumer is right now. Keep track, follow up and update in a valuable way as in the bullet point above.
  •  Find growth hack shortcuts or as I like to call them:"Efficient Time Producing Cheats". One example would be to grow an email list whenever  you can, on any platform that allows it. Yes, even a tab on your facebook or pinterest profile, even on those web 2.0 that you build (with valuable branded content) that direct users to your offer or site. Consolidating yet segmenting those contacts per niche and source in your email list building tool. Another example is to use cookies, pixels, retargeting tools or re-marketing. At some point, just these 2 examples will pay off. Because it costs less energy or money and less time to talk to someone you already did. Thats true in sales, marketing, networking, you name it.
If you catch yourself writing content on a blog that nobody reads, for weeks at a time, consider promoting it. If you create websites with products no one buys, consider buying ads.

If you catch yourself reading step by step guides, and even buying ebooks and attending 5000$ webinars, with no extra money earned, consider taking more action described above this point. You may be too overly confident to admit that fear of failing is keeping you from creating things. From making moves. From doing.

You think that once you commit to a task for too long, people will start associating you with that task, and you are scared of what they will think. You are afraid of the label. You think:
"What if this doesn't workout? They will never take me seriously. I will be the weird one of the group. I will lose them, I will be alone."
I know that this is not the article you were hoping to find when you wanted an actual action plan, a list of things to do, tasks you would some day start doing step by step to finally promote that whatever product someone convinced you that you have to promote and earn a bit of a passive income from... If it sells.. If enough people find YOUR content promoting someone else's offer as an affiliate.

Hopefuly, there is a way out and I cannot even sell it to you, its free and I will not blackmail you or ask anything in exchange:

Progressive Improvement

As human beings, versus animals, we have a much more developped brain. With more pro-active thoughts, more reactive emotions, more random creative choices we give ourselves.

For survival, we have an over developped Fear Factor. So facing a group of people that want to kill us, or a group of people that paid to see you speak, makes no difference. (unless you change that in yourself).

We also belive that more choice is more freedom, more knowledge is more power, but without focused action, daily even hourly focused tasks that bring you results, those choices make you overwhelmed. All that information gets you no where.

You have to repeat a task enough times to exploit it, to abuse of it, to be excellent at it, or to realize you are horrible at it and move on. To do so, you must keep track of what you did, and when, then revisit it and see if it affected results. Once you find what works, repeat it in a valuable not a duplicate way. Improving your success progressively. Each day. Focus.

"It takes 5000 hours to 20 000 hours to master something."

You do not need to master something to succeed. Stop attracting these thoughts that prevent you from action. 1 hour of something a day, is more then 24 hours of nothing.

You don't have all the money you want to spend on whatever you believe will make you more successful. But you have time. You are always running out of it, it is more and more precious by the second. So spend time, focused, efficient, valuable time, on tasks that bring you success. Keep progressive improvement in the back of your mind for all your relationships until it becomes well funded philantropy.

No matter what you sell, what you offer, get great at it, take away all the skills you can. Invest in yourself for the greater good of those valuable to you in your life.

You owe me nothing:


Monday, April 11, 2016

Teespring vs Merch By Amazon: New Way To Make Money With Tshirts

Have you been looking for a teespring alternative, did you go through sunfrog and all the others? Well this only means that you are on trend. Many online entreprenneurs are downloading expensive ebooks that basically tell them to wake up with a great idea, verify of there is an audience out there that is still not supplied properly, and that they are passionate enough to buy your shirts.

Then you put ads on adwords and facebook. You try to be as specific as possible, input 5$ to 30$ per idea, to test if it will sell. (imagine having 1 good idea on 10... make sure you get greater profits then loses playing that "guessing game").

Merch by Amazon vs Teespring.

Well Amazon has been allowing people to join their Merch program now. Where you no longer have to wait on 3 or more orders before actually get a payout.

The other major advantage over teespring is, Amazon's brand is not only much more recognized by consumers, but also benefits you with organic search and product recommendations that drives more eyes to your merchendise, without ditching 5$ to 30$ per tshirt idea as all the other "ways to earn with shirts" -ebooks and courses teach.

So go ahead and join by requesting an invitation.