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Monday, April 11, 2016

Teespring vs Merch By Amazon: New Way To Make Money With Tshirts

Have you been looking for a teespring alternative, did you go through sunfrog and all the others? Well this only means that you are on trend. Many online entreprenneurs are downloading expensive ebooks that basically tell them to wake up with a great idea, verify of there is an audience out there that is still not supplied properly, and that they are passionate enough to buy your shirts.

Then you put ads on adwords and facebook. You try to be as specific as possible, input 5$ to 30$ per idea, to test if it will sell. (imagine having 1 good idea on 10... make sure you get greater profits then loses playing that "guessing game").

Merch by Amazon vs Teespring.

Well Amazon has been allowing people to join their Merch program now. Where you no longer have to wait on 3 or more orders before actually get a payout.

The other major advantage over teespring is, Amazon's brand is not only much more recognized by consumers, but also benefits you with organic search and product recommendations that drives more eyes to your merchendise, without ditching 5$ to 30$ per tshirt idea as all the other "ways to earn with shirts" -ebooks and courses teach.

So go ahead and join by requesting an invitation.


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