­­Who is a customer? Define your targeted audience properly.

Check what I have been recently reviewing in my resources. I realize that this site is easy to access and to remember, for people looking for the keyword tool under this name, here it is:
Quick Link to The Official Tool Here
This domain is moving :) You will be notified, before you exit, of our new domain name http://www.seokeywordplanner.com.

About Us

So... frankly there is no us. Its just me. But if you are reading this, you can consider yourself as part of us, because you are probably a person who plans your content according to Google Inc. 's new and free keyword tool, the planner.

That make You, a keyword planner, and a free tool user.
Why wasn't I a Yahoo or Bing keyword planner? For the simple fact that Google returns and caches most of the sites that interest me, and so when I build blogs or websites for clients, I first must teach myself and research about the online demand that there currently is, to know what kind of unique, valuable and intelligent content to write to targeted readers, and potential clients.

That is my main philosophy. I do not encourage any techniques to misguide nor the users or readers, nor the search engines. So if a company like google inc. who owns an online tool name keyword planner, and offers it for free to make us smarter content creators, then I say: why not us it to its fullest?

Also please note that this website is not officially affiliated with the creators or anyone involved in the google inc. company, nor is it its official blog either. This is not Google's Keyword Planner site, This is about it, and I am its user. I plan my keyowrds according to google free keyword tool. The End :)

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