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Check what I have been recently reviewing in my resources. I realize that this site is easy to access and to remember, for people looking for the keyword tool under this name, here it is:
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Here I have decided to share the many tools or information that I have collected and tested over the years that has made my life easier as a blogger trying to get unique content for my internet marketing, search engine strategies for clients, so on and so forth. These are basically the tools of the trade for someone just starting a blog or website, and even for the advanced SEO consultant or expert. I call this the:

(before we go on, a keynote: most people find this page by googling the best keyword tool alternative FYI)

Passive Income Tools Of The Trade

passive income tools of the trade
passive income tools of the trade
I thought that you can achieve similar types of results as I did, if you would be using what I do. This is going to be a growing list with honest recommendations and reviews.

Disclaimer: Please know that in some of the following links that are affiliate, I may get commissions as a reward for reviewing, using and referring my friends to them, at no extra cost to you and ONLY IF you decide to buy with them once you land on their site. I stand by my opinion, having worked or still working with these tools that make my life easier, so I want to make your life easier also. There is no good reason to purchase these alternative keyword tools if you decide you do not need them yet, yet at some point, they made my work flow faster and easier.


Alternative Keyword Tools for your Keyword Research:


Long Tail Pro: Claimed by many bloggers and passive income experts being one of the best keyword research tools available out there, many people say that it is better then the Market Samurai tool for niche site ideas, and off course, longtail keywords. The owner is called Spencer Haws, who makes sure to constantly update that software as things change, or just to simply improve its usage. Currently at the moment of writing this review there is a trial. Meaning for 10 days you can use it, being your free keyword tool to make your own review. (I use it as a long tail keyword generator personally)