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Check what I have been recently reviewing in my resources. I realize that this site is easy to access and to remember, for people looking for the keyword tool under this name, here it is:
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Seo Keyword Plan

If you are anything like me, always trying to find the best marketing technique to drive more traffic to a website, or the newest fad about how to rank higher and faster in the search engines by optimizing the heck out of everything, then you have probably made the same mistakes I did.

Also, you are probably looking to improve your skills and why not even make a little bit of good easy and passive revenue on the side. Well then, you also know how important it is to plan everything ahead, before any execution. Then you also know that doing the right kind of keyword research is super important, and that is the only way you can get any good results out of your seo efforts.

I am launching this brand new site called Seo Keyword Planner that is depicting the daily life of someone who spent too much time and wasted too much money on tools and techniques that just do not work. But also, the ones that actually did survive all the google updates, the penguins, the pandas, the hummingbirds and whatever else the google zoo will release on us. Get your plan on, look for the right keywords, and improve you SEO skills daily.

Lets learn together through the best ways on making passive income happen. Fast ranking and improving your SERP's (search engine result page rankings) at the new seo keyword planner site. Do not hesitate to ask me questions and leave me comments on any of the two sites. I will do my best to answer according to google's best practices.

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